Humans are visual creatures. Most of us process information based on what we see. 65 percent of us are visual learners, according to the Social Science Research Network. This is why sometimes it’s hard to explain what house styles we like, but it’s easy to look at pictures of different rooms or architectural styles and determine almost instantly what we like and dislike. It’s no wonder then why social media sites such as Pinterest and Houzz have become wildly popular for people looking for new housing trends and ideas. When working with our clients on a presale or custom home, we often ask them to share their ideabooks and vision boards on Pinterest and Houzz. This helps our design team align with the style and aesthetic that our clients prefer.  Often times we dive deeper into certain photos to fully understand through our clients eyes what it is that specifically appeals to them. Do you have ideabooks or vision boards you’ve created online? Take a glimpse at some of ours for inspiration – and as always, we would love to hear your feedback!