ARTICLE: Since 1961, John Buchan Homes has created a reputation for building remarkable homes that are not only beautiful, but comfortable and inviting. Over the years, the company built thousands of homes throughout the Puget Sound region, with an emphasis on Bellevue, Medina and the Greater Eastside.

“We believe a thoughtfully designed custom home built to suit a client’s lifestyle has the power to help them live their best life. Watching our clients thrive in their new home is the ultimate reward for us,” says Heather Dosch, CEO John Buchan Homes.

John Buchan Homes has the pleasure of building homes for clients from around the world who say they sought Buchan out by name. They do more than simply execute plans; they add value by thinking through every detail, guiding and sharing their knowledge and expertise, and helping clients make informed decisions. This relationship starts with meeting clients where they are in the process. Whether a client is just starting to look for land or already has submitted a permit to build, John Buchan Homes is the trusted builder of choice. 

“No matter what architectural style our custom home clients request, we are honored to bring their vision to life. The emphasis for us is on quality and it’s rooted in the culture and cohesiveness of our highly experienced team. Most of our staff and many of our trade partners have been with us over 20 years. Our experience gives clients peace of mind knowing they will get the advice, guidance and help they need and want from us”, says Kevin Dosch, President, John Buchan Homes.

John Buchan Homes guides their clients through each decision so they can make informed choices and easily solve challenges along the way. From land development and architectural design to hand selecting all interior design finishes at their local showroom, Buchan’s seamless method creates an inclusive custom home building experience.

“Our thriving culture is guided by The Buchan Way, a collection of values that define who we are and how we operate. Our #1 value is: “Do the right thing, always.” We have created ardent fans whose referrals are the foundation of our business because we do the right thing, always. This is a defining characteristic for us in the homebuilding industry,” says Heather.

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